The underlying theme throughout my work centers on the process of making through memory. Our internal worlds – in terms of how they play on both my perceptions as the artist and the perceptions of my audience – is ever present in my studio practice. Especially compelling to me is the contrast between what we physically see and what our sub-conscience mind sees. In this way, I describe much of my work as reflecting an absencescape – or an interpretation of a landscape captured through its absence.

My current body of work explores these concepts through optical manipulation, repetition, and texture. Through an obsessive making process, I work towards creating tension between myself, my process, and the audience viewing the piece. By using subtlety, I push the concept forward, as it is the second look, or “a-ha” moment of the viewer that I wish to capture and exploit. Our visceral reaction to pictorial symbology is conceptually important to me and of great importance to my process as an artist.