My artistic practice is concerned with the process of making through the use of symbology. I understand the dream, or visual impressions from our sub - and unconscious states, as cinematic in nature. In this way the images that are conjured up flicker through our consciousness. These impressions left by life experience, imagination, and obsessions construct narratives in our consciousness that are not necessarily factually accurate, but are symbols that shape our perceptions of everything and everyone we interact with going forward. Especially compelling to me, is the contrast between what we physically see and what our subconscious mind sees. In this way, I describe much of my work as reflecting an absencescape - or an interpretation of a landscape captured through its absence.  

In my current body of work, Wraith, the absenscape is both physical and metaphoric. It represents a subliminal landscape that exists between two worlds - the world of physical reality and the realm of magick. The Jungian theory of the 12 archetypes as well as mythology have informed my work and the process by which I contextualize it. The work uses imagery that represents both female and gender ambiguous figures. These figures - defined by stark contrast and obsessive line work - are placed in undefined landscapes, which range from absent to celestial. The intention is it to emphasize the power of the image through a lack of spatial context. This conscious decision is meant to solicit the viewer of the work to create place and a story for these figures to reside within.